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Here are some helpful tips to optimize your visit at Primary Care, PLLC




Front Desk
  • Sign in
  • Submit Completed and printed out Registration forms / New Patient Forms
  • Submit Current Photo ID and Insurance Card as required
  • Pay Copay as applicable
  • Please let the front staff know of any changes in current address, phone number or any other important information
  • For a work related injury, please inform the front staff at the time of check in, if you are seeking medical attention, consultation or treatment for the work related injury
  • Make sure to offer your Email address to the front staff, so you can get instructions on how to sign up for your Patient Portal
  • Please note that Appointment Cancellations should be made 24hrs in advance
  • Please familiarize yourself with our polices and feel free to ask any questions to our friendly front end staff
Walk-in Policy

Your medical needs remains top priority at Primary Care, PLLC. In order to maintain efficiency, and reduce wait times while still providing high quality medical care, patients without an appointment will be seen by the next available provider. If your preference is with a provider who is not readily available to see you, you may have a longer waiting time, but you can choose to wait until that provider is available. Thank you for your patience.

Meeting with the Nurse
  • Be ready to update your medical history. The Nurse will ask you questions about your social habits and medical history, any recent emergency room visits, hospitalizations, procedures or surgeries.
  • Present all medications or medication list including nutritional supplements
  • Present Referrals, Medical Records, or Test Results from any specialists or emergency room visits to be reviewed and scanned in to your chart
    • Present Your blood sugar, blood pressure logs, headache/food diary, or other medical logs to be reviewed and scanned in to your chart
    • Bring in Your Blood Pressure machine to compare for accuracy
Meeting with the Medical Provider
  • Dress in comfortable clothing and be prepared for foot exams as required
  • Present any Referrals, Medical Records, or Test Results from any specialists or emergency room visits to be reviewed
  • Know the name of your preferred Pharmacy. We E-prescribe for your convenience.
  • You may be seen by one of our Physician Assistants (PA’s) at your next visit. They are an integral part of your wellness team at Primary Care PLLC, and work together closely with Dr. Arakere Prasad. Physician assistants are highly trained and qualified healthcare providers who work under the supervision of Dr. Arakere Prasad. PA’s are trained to take medical histories, conduct exams, diagnose and treat acute/chronic diseases, injuries and conditions, order and interpret tests such as Labs, X-rays and MRI, prescribe medications, and assist the doctor as needed. Our PA’s are trained to recognize when patients need the attention of a supervising doctor or additional specialist as well.
  • Sick and Well visits:
    Annual exams primarily focus on preventative care and counseling. In most cases, you will be best served to make a separate sick visit appointment for any new symptoms, so that the proper amount of time can be focused appropriately on your complaints. Every effort will be made to accommodate you accordingly.
  • For any life threatening, or any severe symptoms, please go to the Emergency Room Immediately!
  • Signs or Symptoms of an Acute Emergency which requires you to go immediately to the Emergency Room include, shortness of breath, chest pain, fainting or loss of consciousness, severe bleeding, head injury, open fracture, one sided weakness or numbness, severe abdominal pain, or life threatening reactions from bites or stings.

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